“Skyline was able to get me to my meeting in Northern Vermont on time with no advance notice! I was back in my office in Central Massachusetts that afternoon — 2 hours ahead of my anticipated return. This allowed me to attend another meeting that I would've normally missed. The time savings alone was well worth the trip. With their new aircraft, it was a very comfortable, professional, and pleasurable flight.”

— Jon L. Heslin
BakerCorp | Vice President
NE Division



“A recent trip involved picking up three people, all at different locations.  The three travelers were picked up in NH, MA and CT, dropped off for a meeting in NYC, and then returned to their original locations.  Skyline got us where we needed to be on time and without a hitch.  They keep abreast of current weather conditions and stay in touch with their passengers to keep them up to date on any changes that might be necessary.  The pilots are very personable and professional and have continually provided a comfortable flying experience.”

— John R. Siemienowicz
Jay Steel, LLC



Our Staff


Ken Brown - Director of Operations, Pilot

Ken learned the value of personal flight back in the 90’s.  With family in Massachusetts and business in Pennsylvania – an airplane was the only way to make it work.  Now with advanced FAA licenses and thousands of flying hours under his belt, Ken is the number one advocate for using advanced aircraft for smart business travel.  He has owned and managed several businesses and appreciates all the advantages that  personal flight gives to the savvy business traveler.

Ken can’t stay away from mechanical things.  Today’s sophisticated aircraft and yesterday’s classic cars and buses keep him going.


Steve Bennett - Chief Pilot

Steve has been an active pilot for almost 30 years, holds FAA Commercial, Instrument and Flight Instructor ratings, and has accumulated over 5000 hours of flight experience. 

As an electrical engineer, Steve has worked in the field of aviation electronics since 1992.  He was a member of the design team for a manufacturer of some of the equipment currently installed in our state-of-the-art Cirrus aircraft.

Whether exploring small airports throughout the Northeast, taking flying vacations to the Bahamas or just hosting hangar parties on Friday nights, Steve and his family have made aviation a central part of their lives.


Richard B. Riley - Pilot

Richard, nicknamed Bo, has been an active pilot for more than ten years. He has an FAA Commercial Pilot license and is a Certified Flight Instructor. Bo has flown more than 2,000 hours in many different aircraft.

Bo’s interests don’t stop at flying. Not only is Bo a professional musician who plays the French Horn, he also handcrafts harpsichords. Bo has performed as a soloist, played with the Boston Pops, Boston Ballet, Boston Philharmonic, and nearly 20 other orchestras.

When not flying or performing, you can find Bo riding his BMW motorcycle, target shooting, or vacationing at his island home in Maine.


Ed Ritchey - Pilot

Ed has been a lifelong aviation enthusiast.  He retired from a career with the FAA as an air traffic controller in 2014.  Ed holds FAA Air Transport, Commercial, Instrument, and Flight Instructor Pilot certificates, has been flying for over 30 years, and has more than 2600 hours of flight experience in a variety of aircraft including gliders.

When he's not flying, Ed and his wife enjoy road biking, kayaking and traveling.



Mark Maljanian – Director of Maintenance

Mark has been president and co-owner of Twin City Airmotive in Fitchburg, MA since 1998. 

Twin City has extensive experience maintaining all types of General Aviation aircraft, including single-engine pistons as well as turboprops, helicopters and business jets.  They have been contracted by the Civil Air Patrol to maintain a fleet of 35 aircraft all over New England.  And with the acquisition of Mass Aviation Services in 2013, Twin City has also become the leading Cirrus Service Center in central Massachusetts.

Mark is no stranger to the rigorous maintenance demands of charter aircraft.  In addition to Skyline's fleet of Cirrus aircraft, Mark directs the maintenance of three Learjets which are operated for charter.

Mark is an active GA pilot, flying his Piper Cherokee extensive both for work and for personal travel.  In his spare time Mark enjoys flying radio-controlled models and is an on-call EMT.


Mary Bruno and Robin Merlo – Flight Coordinators

Mary and Robin work with Skyline's customers to build the itinerary that best meets their travel needs.  They make sure passengers have all of the necessary information regarding their flight, assist with ground transportation at their destination, and do whatever else is necessary to make their Skyline flight experience hassle-free.  In addition, they schedule our pilots and airplanes, and handle other back office functions such as billing and FAA compliance.

When Mary’s not busy with Skyline, she enjoys spending time with her family and Goldendoodle, Emma.  Her favorite hobby is traveling the world and experiencing different cultures.
Robin has worked as an administrator in aviation maintenance for the past fifteen years.  She has worked closely with Skyline since our inception and joined our staff in late 2014.

Robin and her husband have raised three great children and are enjoying their ever-growing family. Robin also enjoys cooking, reading and gardening.