“My wife and I have flown with Skyline repeatedly over the past year or two.  The Cirrus is a great way for us to get around the Northeast, whether on business or to see family that is just slightly outside easy driving distance.  The planes are modern and comfortable and Skyline has never disappointed, accommodating last minute travel requests very flexibly. ”

— Carey Turnbull
North American Power | Co-founder and Chairman

Redefining Travel


Regional travel on the East Coast just got easier and more convenient with Skyline personal flight service. Picture an option that actually puts you first. Say goodbye to the schedules, lines, and hassles of traditional air travel — Skyline gets you home for the things that matter most. It makes sense to fly to your destination using the option that is always direct and always ready when you are. Do more with your time. Get out of line and straight into your personal air valet today.

Call us to learn how: (877) FLY-SKYHI or (877) 359-7594.

Did you know? 

With the addition of Venice, FL as an aircraft base, Skyline Flight now offers point-to-point travel between 124 public airports in the state of Florida alone.  Whether it's a family day in Key West or a business meeting in Tallahassee, let Skyline Flight whisk you directly to your destination!